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 How To Download Photos From Instagram

How To Download Photos From Instagram

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    How To Download Photos From Instagram - Have you ever been interested in an image on Instagram and wanted to download it but did not find a download option? It is true, Instagram does not provide a download option in the application version or the web version of the browser. So, how do you download photos from Instagram?

    How To Download Photos From Instagram
     How To Download Photos From Instagram

    Most people prefer to directly shoot the desired image. However, this method is not effective if you want images with good resolution.

    To solve this problem, send an email will provide a solution for you so you can download photos from Instagram. Here are the steps you can take.

    How To Download Photos From Instagram Using A Smartphone

    Men- download Instagram photos of the smartphone is quite easy to do, because it has many applications spread made specifically by the developer to carry out the task.

    The following is a collection of applications that you can use to download photos from Instagram

    1. Insta Save

    Insta Save has a beginner-friendly app design. More than 50 thousand applications have also been downloaded on the Google Play Store.

    How to use it as follows,

    • Download and install the application first from the Play Store
    • After it is downloaded and installed, then open the application then log in using your Instagram account.
    • You will be taken to the photo page that appears on the Instagram Home
    • You can save directly from the photos available in Home or search first

    2. Inst Download

    With Inst Download, you can also download photos from Instagram easily. Find the application on the Play Store then open it and enter the URL of the photo you want to download.

    3. Fast Save

    This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people on the Play Store. Not only photos that can be saved, but also Instagram videos.

    It's easy to use, like Ins Download, all you have to do is copy the URL of the photo or video you want to download to the Insta Save application.

    After that, Insta Save will create a special folder to store the photos and videos that you download. So that it makes it easier for you to find the location of the videos and images that you have downloaded.

    How To Download Photos From Instagram Using A PC

    Apart from the smartphone application, you can also download Instagram photos and videos using a web browser by visiting several special sites that are already available. So, you can use a PC to do it.

    The sites in question are as follows,

    1. DownloadGram

    With DownoadGram, you can easily download images on Instagram very easily.

    The process is almost the same as you used previous Android applications.

    You only need to copy the URL link of the photo you want to download, then go to the official site and paste the URL in the column provided then click download.

    2. Save-o-gram

    Save-o-gram will make it easier for you to download multiple photos at the same time. Unlike previous applications and websites which were only able to download individual photos.

    The following are the steps to use it

    • Go to the site.
    • Download the save-o-gram application and install it on your PC
    • Open the application, then enter your username, hashtag, or link into the column provided. Furthermore, the photos you mean will appear in the application.
    • Select photos to download and download them in ZIP format.
    • Done.


    This site was originally famous for being used to download YouTube videos. However, over time, it turned out that the site could also be used to download Instagram photos as well.

    How to use it is also very simple, you only need to copy the rules of the photo you want to download, then go to the official site, which is Finally, paste the link to the photo you want to download. Then click download.

    That's how to download photos from Instagram. Easy right? I hope this article is useful.

     How To Advertise On Instagram Ads, It's Easy, Guaranteed To Work Right Away

    How To Advertise On Instagram Ads, It's Easy, Guaranteed To Work Right Away

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      How to Advertise on Instagram Ads - You may be familiar with the name Instagram. You may also have an Instagram account.

      How To Advertise On Instagram Ads
       How To Advertise On Instagram Ads

      From time to time, the digital world is always experiencing developments, including Instagram. In the past, after its initial appearance, Instagram was only used to exist. However, along with the development of technology, Instagram is also used as a means of doing business.

      Instagram also brings up many features in its application to support business activities. One of them is Instagram Ads.

      Simply put, you can interpret Instagram Ads as one of Instagram's excellent features that are useful for advertising a product. For more details, just see the next article below.

      What Are Instagram Ads?

      Instagram Ads is an advertising feature provided by Instagram. By using Instagram Ads, you can reach a wider market. You can take advantage of the story and feeds features to then upload them into Instagram Ads ads.

      How to advertise through Instagram Ads is almost the same as advertising through Facebook Ads. Instagram has joined Facebook since 2012. So, if you are familiar with Facebook Ads, you will no longer have trouble using Instagram Ads.

      Why Should We Use Instagram Ads?

      It has been explained previously that by using Instagram Ads, you can reach a wider market.

      Based on data obtained from NapoleonCat, the number of active Instagram users reached 62,230,000, 51% of whom are women, while the remaining 49% are men

      The highest level of Instagram users is in the age range of 18 years to 24 years with a total of 23 million people. With details of 12 million men and 11 million women. The following is a picture.

      Seeing a large number of Instagram users, of course, Instagram can be an opportunity for you to do business, especially as a promotional medium. If you know how to use Instagram Ads and can use them properly, then it is very possible to become a millionaire soon.

      Then, how do you use Instagram Ads? The following is the discussion.

      How To Use Instagram Ads

      How to advertise on Instagram Ads is very easy. However, before you apply the methods that the author will convey, make sure you have changed your Instagram account to a business account.

      Apart from that, you also need a Facebook account, because, between Instagram and Facebook, they are both connected.

      When finished, apply the following methods.

      Log in to your Instagram Business Account

      The way to enter a business Instagram account and regular Instagram is the same. It's just that, if you still use the usual Instagram, you must first switch to a business Instagram account, because if you don't switch to a business Instagram account, you won't be able to use this one feature. Here is how.

      • Log in to your Instagram Business Account

      First of all, you just have to log in as usual. Make sure your Instagram has switched to a business account, if not, you can set it up as follows.

      Select the Settings menu - > Account -> Switch Account Type -> Switch to Professional Account then just click Continue until you get to your choice of profession or business category. Just choose the appropriate one. Later you will be asked whether you are a creator or a businessman. Here is a step by step image

      • Connect to Facebook Page then select the appropriate category.
      • Complete the information provided.

      Select Content

      Choose one of the contents that you have created then click " promote". You are free to choose between using content in the form of feeds and stories. Don't forget to pay attention to the copywriting and design of your photos, because this is the main weapon for advertising on Instagram Ads. If you don't have content, then you can create it first.

      If you choose content in the feeds, find this article at the bottom right of your post, then click promote

      If you choose content in Story, find this menu in the bottom right of your Insta Story, then click promote.

      Select an Ad Destination

      Choosing an advertising destination is determining where your audience will lead you. There are three options displayed, namely " your profile", "your website", and " direct message".

      Determine the Target Audience

      There are two choices in determining the target audience, namely automatic and make your own. Automatically means that Instagram will direct your ad to people who match or are similar to your followers.

      If you choose to make your own, then you will be given access to manage your target audience. The things that you can adjust are related to age, location, interests, and gender. Don't forget to provide a name for your target audience.

      Determine the Budget

      It's good to advertise on Instagram Ads, they can adjust the budget you have. You can start advertising on Instagram Ads with only 10 thousand per day.

      In addition, you can also determine for yourself how long you want to advertise on Instagram Ads.

      Review Ads and Make Payments

      In this section, you will be shown all the settings that you did before. If you are sure, then the next step is to make a payment.

      There are two payment methods in Instagram Ads, namely using a credit or debit card. Click create promotion and make payment. Wait for Instagram to review your ad. Soon, surely your ad will run.

      That's how to advertise on Instagram Ads. Easy right? Good luck!

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      What is Integrated Marketing Communication? How to Apply it in Business

      What is Integrated Marketing Communication? How to Apply it in Business

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        What is Integrated Marketing Communication
        What is Integrated Marketing Communication

        For those of you who have a business and are marketed online, you must understand Integrated Marketing Communication. If you are an advertiser who must pursue sales targets, then, you also have to start learning them for the progress of your sales.

        This is closely related to how potential customers can understand your product, and how they see your product in the long term. To understand a deeper understanding of Integrated Marketing Communication, we will describe the meaning and examples in full.

        Definition Integrated Marketing Communication

        Integrated Marketing Communication according to Kotler and Armstrong is a concept in which the company coordinates various communication channels to send clear, consistent, and convincing messages regarding the company and its products. Meanwhile, around the 80s, Don Schultz put forward this concept with the notion of a strategy to communicate the same message in all marketing channels.

        From the two statements above, it can be concluded that what is meant by Integrated Marketing Communication is a process of forming a communication between brands and customers through various marketing channels. The messages given on each channel have the same band, although in different ways.

        For example, if a brand is introduced as something fancy on social media, then other channels such as billboards or billboards on the street should also convey the same impression. The promotional image may be different, the advertising writing will be different, but the message conveyed is the same.

        The purpose of Integrated Marketing Communication is to influence people to remember your product psychologically, and want it until they finally buy your product. There are two kinds of promotion methods, namely; soft sell and hard sell.

        Soft selling is soft and unconscious, such as advertisements, aid funds, public relations, and so on. Meanwhile, the hard sell is open promotion, for example, such as selling directly to people, storing products in stores, and so on.

        Examples of Integrated Marketing Communication in Business

        To understand in more detail, you can see several types of Integrated Marketing Communication as below.


        Advertising is a subtle promotion, the aim of which is to show the superiority of the product and how it stands from other competitors. In Integrated Marketing Communication, advertising is included in soft selling which aims to build a brand in the minds of potential consumers.

        You must have seen cigarette advertisements that have nothing to do with the product. It is an attempt to show how the impression appears in consumers when using these products. Like cigarette advertisements that often smell like adventure, there is hope that when consumers consume these cigarettes, consumers can feel the nuance of adventure. That's the message the company wants to convey.

        Public Relations / Public Relations

        Have you ever called a company to ask for a product but the person on the other side of the line responded curtly? You will feel annoyed and don't want to contact him again, right? If so, then the company has failed to implement the Integrated Marketing Communication concept.

        Customer Service is a part of public relations. They become a window for potential customers to get to know your company/business. Friendly and cheerful public relations will give a positive impression to potential customers and invite consumers to come back again. This is a form of Integrated Marketing Communication to increase consumer confidence in your brand.

        Sales Promotion

        The next example is sales promotion. This is a form of promotion from sales such as discounts and bonuses. Anyone likes a discount, it remains how you set it up as a businessman to stay profitable.

        What is most often done, for example, is to apply buy 1 get 1 or a discount if you spend a certain amount. The most important thing is that you succeed in attracting existing customers and the interests of other potential customers.

        Event & Experience

        Marketing channels commonly used in other Integrated Marketing Communication concepts are events & experiences. For example, such as a brand that holds a music concert or event for young people. The brand usually acts as a sponsor, then subtly raises a figure who becomes a community idol as an ambassador for the product.

        In essence, in this strategy, you must be able to maximize the events you create. Do not let you not take into account the losses, when you run the event you are targeting participants to become users of your product.

        Direct Selling

        The last example is direct selling or direct selling. That is, you openly sell your product, show its strengths, and influence people to feel they need the product.

        Direct selling can be in the form of selling from person to person or displaying products in stores such as supermarkets. The point is you are directly asking other people to buy your product because your product is superior and good. That is the message to be conveyed to all marketing channels in Integrated Marketing Communication.

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        Definition of Promotion, Types And Benefits For Business

        Definition of Promotion, Types And Benefits For Business

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          Definition of Promotion, Types And Benefits For Business
          Definition of Promotion, Types And Benefits For Business

          Definition of Promotion, Types And Benefits For Business - Promotion is the most important part of a business or venture. By doing this promotion, it is hoped that it will increase the sales figures of your product.

          Without promotion, it will be impossible for a product to be known by many people. If the product is not known by many people, it will also affect the income level to decrease.

          Because promotion is so important for business, on this page we will discuss many things about promotion.

          What is Promotion?

          Do you know what promotion means? If not, let's look at this article carefully.

          According to Wikipedia, Promotion is an effort to inform or offer a product or service to attract potential consumers to buy or consume it.

          Meanwhile, according to experts, the meaning of this promotion is different. There are 5 experts that we will discuss in this article. The following is the discussion.

          Definition of Promotion According to Harper Boyd

          According to Hyper Boys, promotion is an effort used to persuade people to accept products, concepts, and ideas

          Definition of Promotion According to Swastha

          According to Swastha, promotion is one type of one-way persuasion whose purpose is to influence other people to take actions that can create an exchange or marketing.

          Definition of Promotion According to Boone & Kurtz

          According to Boone & Kurtz, promotion is a process to inform, persuade and influence other people's decisions in making purchases of a product.

          Definition of Promotion According to Tjiptono

          According to Tjiptono, promotion is a form of marketing communication that aims to disseminate information, influence others, persuade others, and or remind the target market of their products to be willing to accept, buy, and be loyal to the products offered.

          Understanding Promotion According to Kotler

          According to Kotler, promotion is a process in marketing strategy as a way to communicate with the market.

          From some of the above meanings, we can conclude that promotion is an activity in the field of marketing carried out by disseminating information on a product with the aim that the product can be accepted by the public, resulting in economic transactions.

          Is Promotion The Same As Marketing And Advertising?

          After reading the definition above, you must be wondering what is the difference between promotion, marketing, and advertising.

          At first glance, the three definitions above might look the same. However, it turns out that the three are different. Then, what are the differences? The following is the discussion.

          The Difference between Promotion and Marketing

          According to Wikipedia, marketing is the activity and process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that are of value to customers, clients, partners, and the general public. Meanwhile, promotion is an effort to notify or offer a product or service to attract potential consumers to buy or consume.

          Marketing activities can be carried out using the 7P principle (Product, Price, Place, Process, Promotion, People, Process, and Physical Evidence). Meanwhile, in Promotion activities, you will use the principles of 6 other strategies which include advertising, sale promotion, publicity, personal selling, direct marketing, and interactive media.

          In addition, between promotional and marketing activities, both of them have different priorities. Marketing activities will be more concerned with maintaining brand image. This is intended to maintain a positive brand image in the eyes of consumers.

          Meanwhile, promotional activities, in general, are not too concerned with brand image. Promotion will be more concerned with how to attract consumer attention.

          Promotion and Advertising Differences

          Apart from being different from marketing, promotion is also different from advertising. Promotional activities are directly related to sales, therefore promotional activities are more likely if applied to small businesses. While advertising is more suitable for a large company because usually, it will require quite expensive costs from the advertising media provider.

          Based on the timing, between advertising and promotion has a definite difference in deadlines. An advertisement has no deadline. Advertisements exist when a product is launched, aiming to introduce it to the general public with various advertising media such as television, newspapers, social media, banners, flyers, and so on.

          While promotions always have a deadline. This is because promotion only acts as a stressing tool. The media for promoting and advertising themselves are almost the same, namely using television, newspapers, social media, banners, flyers, and so on. You can learn more about various promotional media in our article here. Get to know various kinds of promotional media for your business.

          An example of a promotion is when a new food stall wants to increase its sales turnover, then it carries out promotion by giving a 20% discount to the first ten buyers for one week. After that one-week period runs out, the promo period is over too.

          The hope is that such promotions will be carried out to get maximum profit results than these stalls selling their food at normal prices for the next week.

          Why Should Businesses Promote?

          Of course, a business must promote so that its products can be recognized by many people. Promotional activities help disseminate information to our potential target market. From the information that spreads, you can create new customers for your products.

          With the information that is increasingly widespread as well, with promotions we can maintain the stability of our products when the economic presence is sluggish. However, don't just intensify the promotion of a product. You also have to maintain the quality of your product so that you can increase customer loyalty to your product.

          Types of Promotion

          There are many types of promotions that you need to know if you want to be successful as a businessman, including the following

          1. Advertising Promotion

          Advertising promotions are non-personal promotions carried out by using various media. An advertiser will convey information to consumers related to the features of the product being sold so that consumers are interested in buying the product

          2. Personal Selling Promotion

          Personal selling promotion is a promotion that is carried out face to face with prospective buyers. The promoter will make a presentation in front of his client or customer to convince him of his product.

          3. Sales Promotion

          Sales Promotion is a type of promotion in the form of direct persuasion using various incentives. Sales promotion is a type of promotion that has short-term incentives that are useful to encourage purchases from your customers.

          You can use various media such as using coupons, competitions, discounts, and so on.

          4. Publishing

          Publishing is a type of promotion that is carried out to support the company's image, build the company's image and handle or counteract company issues that can harm the company itself. This is done by building relationships with the community (Public Relations).

          Benefits of Promotion

          There are many things that we can take advantage of for our business if we are diligent in promoting, among others

          1. Generating Brand Awareness

          Promotion can generate brand awareness for your business. With a good promotional strategy, your product will become more and more recognized by the public, because doing promotions, means that you also socialize your product.

          2. To Build A Brand With A Positive Image

          When many people recognize your product, and many people have started subscribing to your product, then your next task is to build your brand with a positive image that you give to your customers. This positive image can increase the value of your business.

          3. To Get Consumer Loyalty

          Consumer loyalty is very important in a business. So that your customers do not move - change places of subscription, try to provide points of reward at certain moments. For example, you will give your customers one portion for free after visiting your shop and eat five portions of food.

          4. Means To Educate Consumers

          For products that are still new, it is very important for you to carry out promotions, because this can be your step in educating your consumers, such as educating your consumers regarding the benefits of the products you produce.

          That's what we can talk about promotion. How? Have you been promoting your product well? Immediately arrange your promotion strategy from now on properly to produce maximum results.

          Thank you for reading the articles so far. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you, especially if you are planning to grow your business.

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           How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners

          How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners

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            How to Promote on Instagram
             How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners

            How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners - One of the social media that is currently being hit as a means of promotion is Instagram. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to promote on Instagram effectively.

            Lately, Instagram is indeed being loved by the community to build a business. This social media application is said to be quite effective in increasing one's attractiveness through the visual content features it presents.

            From the visual content, Instagram can compete with other social media engagements. In addition, Instagram also provides a caption writing feature that is up to 2200 words long.

            That way, your chances of getting even more subscribers from Instagram will be better, balanced with quality products, good service, and good copywriting and content writing skills.

            Promotional Prerequisites On Instagram

            Before we start discussing how to promote on Instagram, there are several prerequisites that you need to fulfill so that the promotions you do later can be effective in increasing sales via Instagram.

            The prerequisites include the following:

            1. Complete your Instagram profile

            To build consumer trust, you first have to build your Instagram profile to make it look attractive.

            You can use a username that is short but clear and easy for your customers to remember. Also use an attractive profile photo, for example, your company logo or SME business.

            2. First Complete Your Bio

            Your bio is your business branding identity. The characters that can be written in the bio are limited to only 150 characters, for that use the best possible space to write your business branding and build consumer trust.

            Also, include a link that leads to your website or your contacts so that it makes it easier for your customers to contact you or find out about you.

            3. Make your Instagram feed as neat as possible

            If you want to be able to use Instagram as an effective product or service marketing medium, the third prerequisite is that you have to think about what your Instagram feed will be like.

            Don't just upload it, when you look at it as a whole, it turns out that the concept of the photo design doesn't look good either. Do you know? Such a small thing can easily turn off the interest of our potential customers! For that, make your Instagram feed as neat as possible with a clear concept and theme.

            However, in the concept of choosing colors, in addition to making your Instagram look neat, the colors you choose must also have a philosophical meaning. Things like that, if you tell your followers, it will make it easier for your account to increase its engagement.

            Also, try to make feeds not using too many colors, this can make your feeds even less conceptual. Just use a maximum of 3 colors that symbolize your branding.

            Don't forget to also make interesting and informative captions, don't just write captions that tell you that you are selling something, also provide informative and educational writing so that your followers don't feel like you are being constantly sold.

            Promotion on Instagram - Easy, Cheap, Practical and Effective - Suitable for Beginners

            After you have fulfilled the 3 prerequisites above, now is the time for us to discuss how to promote on Instagram that is easy, cheap, practical, and also effective.

            Using hashtags

            Hashtags have a very important role, especially when it comes to marketing. The reason is, by using hashtags you can reach more people outside of your current followers. However, keep in mind, only use hashtags that are related to your content so that it is more effective in reaching your target market.

            Take advantage of Highlight InstaStory

            In the past, the Insta Story feature on Instagram could only last up to 24 hours and there was no highlight feature, but now Instagram has evolved by adding a highlight feature to its application. That way, you can maintain your Instastory from only 24 hours to unlimited.

            Highlight important things you've posted on Instagram and mix them with eye-catching designs.

            Some Insta Story information that deserves to be highlighted, among others, are your business introduction, QnA, testimonials, and so on, which can make your target market interested in visiting and lingering on your account page.

            Using Endorsement Services

            Endorsement of promotion by utilizing influencers who of course have more followers than us to promote the products or services we sell. In return, the influencer usually charges a rate per promotion that he does.

            However, some do not set tariffs, you only need to give your product to them for later review. You can also use promotions carried out by influencers as content to fill your Insta-story! ...

            Promote each other

            Simply put, the concept of a mutually promote strategy is that you promote other people's businesses in your account and you are also promoted in the account that you promoted earlier.

            Establish good communication between similar accounts that complement each other between your business and your partner's business. That way, the two of them can strengthen each other instead of dropping them.

            For example, you are a craftsman making a guitar, but you do not sell complementary guitar accessories such as guitar stands, guitar strings, guitar bags, and other equipment.

            Well, you can promote the guitar accessories seller account in your account, then the guitar accessories seller will also promote you as a guitar craftsman.

            Hold a Giveaway

            People tend to like gifts, let alone free. Give away is an effective way to promote your product or service. Besides that, you can also take advantage of the giveaway as a big promotional event for your business.

            For example, you hold a giveaway where the conditions require people to share your post again, it can be the most powerful weapon to make your product more recognized by many people.

            By holding a giveaway, your interaction with your followers can also be better. This can certainly be an added value for your business account.

            Using Instagram Ads

            Instagram Ads is a feature of Instagram which is intended for those of you who use Instagram as a means of doing business or business. This is a paid advertising feature from Instagram.


            To be able to do business successfully on Instagram, you are required to master the promotion methods of each of the points above. Hopefully, this article is helpful for loyal visitors to this blog who are currently looking for solutions for how to promote on Instagram effectively.

            Thursday, May 6, 2021

             Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business

            Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business

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              Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business
               Get to know various kinds of promotional media for your business

              In this article, we will discuss what promotional media you can use to promote your business, brand, or product.

              This is important because by knowing what these media are, you can choose the right media for each promotion you run. If the media is right, then your promotional budget can be absorbed effectively and efficiently.

              What is Promotional Media?

              Promotion media is a medium that is used to support promotional activities in a business. Nowadays, it doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do promotion, because the media for promotion in the field are so very diverse. You just have to choose which media suits you the most.

              Purpose of Promoting

              Before promoting with available media, you must first know what your purpose is to promote. This makes your promotion more targeted and targeted. The objectives for promotion are as follows.

              • To introduce your product to potential customers
              • To get new customers who are loyal to the product or service you are selling.
              • To make the sales figures increase even more.
              • To promote products or services that are sold from competitors' products.
              • To influence consumer opinion on the products or services offered

              Kinds - Kinds of Promotional Media

              There are many kinds of promotional media that we can find in the field, including the following.

              1. Television

              Television is a promotional medium that can attract the most customers. In this day and age, almost every house must have a television, its point is to provide the most current information and entertainment. That means, by advertising on television, your product or service can be watched by many people. Until now, there are still many companies that use television to promote their products or services.

              The advantage of advertising on TV is that it allows you to reach all groups because the TV can cover all geographic areas. In addition, the products or services that you offer can be displayed at the same time from one station to another. In delivering the message, advertisements on TV can also be more flexible.

              However, to be able to advertise on television, you will need a lot of time and money, such as production costs and costs to pay for television stations that advertise your products. In addition, the duration offered by television to advertise its products is limited to only 1 minute.

              2. Radio

              Radio is also a promotional medium that is often used by many people. The resulting content is in the form of sound.

              The advantage of advertising on the radio is that it allows your ad to be heard anywhere. As we know, we often find radio sounds in places or public transportation such as stalls, buses, and so on. The cost of advertising on radio is also relatively cheaper when compared to advertising on television.

              However, if you choose to advertise on the radio, you must be smart to create advertising content with a clear and informative voice so that those who listen to your ad don't get the wrong idea. In addition, the public's attractiveness to the radio can be said to be quite low. This can cause listeners to overlook the message you've been conveying on the radio.

              3. Newspapers

              A newspaper is a medium for sharing news that has existed for decades. Apart from being used as a medium for exchanging information, newspapers are also used as a medium for promotion.

              The advantage that is offered by newspapers as a medium for promotion is the low price. Advertising using newspaper media can also make you reach a more specific target market, for example, if you have a business in Solo Raya, you can advertise your business in Solopos newspaper for people all over Solo Raya to read.

              The disadvantages of advertising promotion media are in the face of internet popularity. Currently, people's interest in reading newspapers has decreased. However, it also does not mean that you are in vain if the advertising in the newspaper.

              4. Instagram

              Instagram is a promotional medium that is currently being used intensively by many entrepreneurs.

              The advantages that you will get if you do promotions on Instagram are the easy way. Then, Instagram also has many active users, and there are many tools that you can use to find out the effectiveness of your ads, such as seeing the number of visitors, insights, and Instagram Ads.

              If you don't want to use Instagram Ads, because it's paid, you can also use the free version by promoting your products to your followers.

              However, promotion on Instagram must expose you to fairly tough competition. In addition, you must also be diligent in creating content.

              5. Facebook

              Facebook is also almost the same as Instagram. The advantage that Facebook offers is that it allows you to do promotions for free. However, Facebook also has promotional media in the form of Facebook Ads which allows you to do paid advertising.

              However, the drawback if you promote on Facebook may be that there are fewer people who see your promotion because now, Facebook is a medium that is rarely used by the public, unlike Instagram.

              6. Banner

              Banners are online promotional media that are displayed in the form of unique graphic ads and can be run using pay-per-impressions, pay-per-click, or pay-per-actions.

              The advantage that this ad offers is that it is easy to bring traffic because banner ads allow visitors to click on it after which the visitor will enter your website. In addition, you can track the number of ad views more easily, because the IG banner ad has its tracking tolls.

              The drawback is that these ads often look annoying and very annoying to visitors, so many internet users also use Adblock, this slows down the growth of your ad.

              7. Flyer

              The flyer is a media for print-based promotion. Usually, printed on HVS-shaped paper and A4 size. However, there are 3 kinds of flyer sizes, namely A4, A5, and A6.

              The advantages of advertising using a flyer are that it is relatively cheaper, allows more comprehensive information absorption, and can be reviewed when the reader does not understand the contents of the flyer at one time.

              However, advertising using a flyer also has a drawback, namely that it requires a high level of attention because flyers are not audio or visual. In addition, the paper is also prone to tears and readers will find it easier to ignore information if the flyer design is not attractive.

              8. Billboards

              Billboards are large-sized advertising media located on the side of the road. The advantages of advertising using billboards like this include that your ad is more easily recognized and can build brand awareness.

              However, there are also drawbacks if you use billboards as an advertising medium, including the ineffective target market, the information contained in billboards tends to be overlooked by readers, and is easily forgotten.

              Those are some kinds of promotional media that we can inform you about. Hopefully, this article helps you determine which promotional media is right for use in your business.

              How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs

              How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs

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                How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs - What are the roles of social media marketing for SMEs? The first thing you have to underline is marketing for SMEs or small businesses, meaning that it is the work that you have to do for the business to grow. Here, you need to work hard to attract the attention of social media users to promote your product or business, within a limited budget, but still have to be efficient.

                How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs
                How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs

                Of course, the skills in choosing channels and marketing tools that work the way you want, are very important. Then, when you talk about social media marketing for SMEs that you run, you need careful planning, so you don't have to spend time on the wrong social media platforms.

                Social Media Marketing Guide for SMEs

                In this article, we will share a social media marketing guide for SMEs, which can help you explain the purpose of using social media as a medium for online promotion. In addition, you can also find out the most appropriate way to do a practical marketing plan. 

                Not only driving traffic or bringing in audiences but also increasing your business conversions. Here are some strategies you can take to get started with social media marketing:

                Business Goals Must Be Clear

                This is the first important thing you should do. When you already have a good idea about where the goals of the SME business you are running are, try to be more detailed about these goals, and how these goals can be achieved by using promotions on social media. Some notes that you need to pay attention to include:


                Consider the best way to organize targeted social media campaigns, so that people are aware of your brand or UKM. Why do they want to buy the product you offer? What makes you different from the competition? This is one way to find out how strong the brand awareness and brand of the voice of your business are in the community.


                Try to think back as best you can. Who will buy and use the products or services that your SMEs offer? Can you create a buyer persona in this regard? Approximately, how big is your potential market? Is this market share locally or globally?

                It should be noted, the clear business objectives of SMEs will encourage operations to run well. After the goals are set, only then do you start implementing a social media campaign strategy, either by advertising, working with Indonesian digital marketing agencies, using influencer services or KOL management to increase engagement on social media, and so on.

                Understand Who Your Audience Is

                Not only do you know the market, but you as an SME businessman must also understand who your audience is and what they want to be treated. Here, you must carefully study the customer journey, their shopping behavior, and how they interact with your brand.

                Next, find out also the best way to encourage the audience that you already have to convert so that sales increase. In this case, there are several important things you need to pay attention to, such as:


                This data shows different groups of people who use social media in different ways. One of the most important factors in finding out a particular social media platform user group is age. By knowing his age, you will have a good step in implementing a social media marketing strategy for SMEs.


                Here, you must find out, how the audience engages with your brand. Do they also interact by leaving comments on the content on your social media? Did they share the post? Are they also shopping for your product?

                When you can understand the behavior and habits of the audience that you already have, then it is a great power to make the target of a more targeted social media marketing campaign.

                Collect All Social Media Tools

                How to start other social media marketing, you need to collect some tools or tools, which will be used to manage the social media campaigns that you are running. Pay attention to this:

                • To design the content that you will upload, use a special application to design the content to be more attractive. There are many free applications or design tools for creating social media content that you can try, for example, Canva, Piktochart, Venngage, and many others.
                • To manage your social media, you can use tools, such as CoSchedule's Social Organizer. By utilizing these mandatory tools to maximize social media campaigns, you can save time managing all the social media platforms that you use as promotional media, scheduling content posts, and even analyzing the social media insights you can get.

                Selecting a Channel

                The purpose of social media marketing for SMEs must be understood to know exactly what social media channels are most appropriate for your business, so they can give you the best results. Some important things that need attention:

                B2B follower. If your SME business is engaged in other business services, then use promotion methods on LinkedIn or Facebook. These two channels are a gathering place for various types of businesses.

                B2C Followers. When your SME business directly serves consumers, use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. To determine which channel is right for your business, you can also first discuss with the creative agency or our team.

                Create Conversions

                Try to be more focused on setting the objectives of organizing campaigns on social media. This will help you formulate the most efficient content strategy.

                Brand Awareness. Lots of small businesses use social media to build brand awareness, as well as to get more followers. At the same time, you can simultaneously expand your market reach and add to your email list or customer database for further use in your email marketing strategy.

                Conversion. Others use social media to increase and create conversions. In this case, of course, the hope is that there will be an increase in sales of business products and services. So, each post is designed in such a way as to make it immediately attractive to click and convert.

                How to get started on the next social media marketing by determining the color nuances and type of content to use. You have to be consistent in doing it. If necessary, create a content calendar so you can publish content on a more scheduled basis. Good luck. May be useful.

                Wednesday, May 5, 2021

                 Perform a Marketing Analysis to Value the Success of Your Marketing Strategy

                Perform a Marketing Analysis to Value the Success of Your Marketing Strategy

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                   Perform a Marketing Analysis to Value the Success of Your Marketing Strategy - Many marketers who focus on the process or type of marketing, but forget marketing analysis. In fact, marketing analytics is something that is no less important, you know.

                  Perform a Marketing Analysis
                   Perform a Marketing Analysis

                  This one term can make your marketing efforts more effective. In addition, you can also save on marketing budgets.

                  Actually, what is marketing analytics and what are the benefits for the company?

                  Check out Glints' explanation in this article and find out the answer.

                  What is Marketing Analytics?

                  The majority of companies carry out several marketing practices at once. Some do digital marketing, co-marketing, social media marketing, experiential marketing, and so on.

                  That is fine. Because, all types of marketing have different goals and target audiences.

                  However, there are other important things that you should not ignore, namely marketing analytics.

                  Marketing analytics is the process of managing and studying data metrics to determine the return on investment (ROI) of marketing, as Marketing Evolution writes.

                  In other words, this analysis is done to see what things affect the success of your marketing efforts.

                  In this process, you will be dealing with a lot of data. Some of the data that can be analyzed include call-to-action (CTA), conversions from a marketing channel, consumer behavior, and trends.

                  So, why is this process important to do?

                  Like a business, marketing efforts also need to be evaluated from time to time. What are the successful and unsuccessful attempts?

                  Based on these two things, you can determine a marketing strategy which is certainly more effective and efficient.

                  You can also save on marketing budgets by eliminating unnecessary efforts.

                  Marketing Analytics Components

                  According to Marketo, the five main components of marketing analytics are as follows.

                  1. Centralized marketing database

                  In marketing analysis, there is a lot of data that marketers need to process.

                  The data referred to include when the strategy was implemented, what the needs are, who is responsible, how much is the budget, and so on.

                  Therefore, a centralized marketing database is needed. This means that all the data must be accessible in one place.

                  2. Data over time

                  Marketers do not only analyze the marketing strategies they are currently implementing. More than that, you need to analyze strategies that have been executed before.

                  This will provide a complete picture of the trends and strategy developments that you have been through.

                  So, you can analyze it thoroughly.

                  3. Excellent marketing analysis tools

                  Generally, marketing analysis is carried out with the help of certain tools. This will really help you in processing data.

                  However, make sure these tools have the features you need.

                  For example, choose a tool that can read the relationship between one factor and another, such as a channel with the number of new subscribers.

                  4. Easily accessible data

                  Most marketing analysts have a background in the world of marketing, not IT. So, they focus more on designing and implementing a marketing strategy.

                  Meanwhile, not many marketers are familiar with data processing.

                  Therefore, marketing analysis requires easily accessible data and dashboards. That way, marketers don't need a lot of time to learn how to use it.

                  5. Ad-hoc dashboard

                  Marketers may carry out marketing analysis for specific purposes, such as determining the next strategic budget.

                  Therefore, they need data that is suitable for these purposes.

                  This can be supported by the existence of an ad-hoc dashboard or dashboard designed to show certain data.

                  Benefits of Marketing Analysis

                  Many people may argue that analysis is not very important in the world of marketing. However, this was denied by Mailchimp.

                  According to him, there are a number of benefits from this type of marketing, namely:

                  • confirm claims / estimates with numerical data
                  • converting data into information
                  • compare marketing data
                  • focus on the marketing goals to be achieved

                  Given the benefits above, it's no wonder that many companies have implemented marketing analytics.

                  In essence, marketing analytics is the process of managing data to find the relationship between various factors and the success of a marketing strategy.

                  You can use this in your daily marketing work.

                  So, you can get a lot of insights for the success of your next marketing strategy.

                  Tuesday, May 4, 2021

                  Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps!

                  Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps!

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                    Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps! - Many companies are getting more and more attention to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. For this reason, many people are looking to start a career in SEO.

                    Want to Start a Career in SEO
                    Want to Start a Career in SEO

                    Are you one of them? If so, Glints has a list of tips to help you out.

                    By following these tricks, your dream career will certainly be easier to achieve. What are some of the tricks?

                    Come on, see in full!

                    Tips for starting a career in the SEO field

                    1. Understand the basics first

                    Actually, what is the main goal of SEO? What are some strategies that you can implement?

                    Of course, you have to understand all of this first. After that, SEO practices can become smoother.

                    Don't forget, also understand the various technical terms, such as:

                    • keyword
                    • On-page SEO
                    • Off-page SEO
                    • and others

                    2. Learn the tools

                    Search Engine Journal said data is indispensable in the world of SEO. Approximately, where did the data come from? The tool is the answer.

                    For this reason, tools are important. Those of you who want to start a career in SEO must master it.

                    Some of the SEO software that is commonly used are:

                    • Google Analytics
                    • SEMrush
                    • SEO PowerSuite
                    • and others

                    Not all of the above applications are free. Even so, you can still learn it through various tutorials scattered on the internet.

                    3. Try the exercises

                    When you want to start a career in the SEO field, of course, you must have a series of real works. For this reason, direct practice is obligatory.

                    You can start with practice. Quoting Seer Interactive, just build your website first, then try to apply various strategies there.

                    Don't forget, do various strategy evaluations, OK! You can use various tools that have been studied earlier.

                    4. Continue to build a portfolio

                    If you have practiced with strategy A, try using strategy B. If so, don't forget to try strategies C, D, and so on.

                    Of the many practices, which one has the best results? So, later you can show off the work through your portfolio.

                    This one document is important for starting a career in SEO, you know.

                    By having a great portfolio, recruiters are certainly interested in you. A dream career becomes easier to achieve.

                    5. Write a CV well

                    Besides the portfolio, there is also a CV which is no less important. Here, you can write down the various skills and tools that you have mastered.

                    You can also include other abilities such as coding, to mastery of the language, you know.

                    As long as it's still relevant to search engine optimization, there's nothing wrong with it. Because, quoting Jellyfish, supporting skills can open your way into this industry.

                    6. Apply for the job

                    If you have mastered enough SEO material. You can try to start applying for jobs.

                    In this day and age, jobs related to SEO are needed along with technological developments. You can become an SEO article writer, SEO analyst, SEO Specialist, etc.

                    You can also become a digital marketer if you continue to learn and want to learn new skills about digital marketing.

                    7. Job interview exercises

                    Next, there is a job interview exercise. This is the final step when starting a career in SEO.

                    Don't underestimate this stage, OK! Said The Balance Careers, you can get a lot of benefits from it, you know.

                    Interview practice makes you more prepared. You will know, even memorized the answer to each recruiter's question.

                    Later, this readiness can also suppress nervousness, you know.

                    When nervousness is resolved, you can answer questions smoothly. No more broken or halting sentences.

                    In the end, this can make the recruiter even more interested in you.

                    Those are a series of tips for starting a career in the SEO field. Follow all of them so that your dream career gets closer, yes!

                    Thursday, April 1, 2021

                    7 Key Steps to Planning and Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

                    7 Key Steps to Planning and Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

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                      7 Key Steps to Planning and Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign - Today we're gonna talk about seven key steps to launching a successful marketing campaign coming up next. - We help small businesses grow with our marketing and design, talent, technology through our number one marketing platform. We call marketing and design mad and we love mad and hopefully, these article will help you fall in love with mad too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand.

                      7 Key Steps to Planning and Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

                      Step number one is, to begin with, the end in mind. You can't get where you're going unless you know where you wanna end up. So by identifying these goals, you can structure your marketing campaign to help you achieve them. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to generate more leads, do you wanna make more sales, are you trying to increase customer satisfaction or engagement with a certain department? Whatever you define as your goals, that's how you can structure your marketing campaign. You want more leads, that's where your focus should be. 

                      You want more sales, you need to focus there. If you have more than one top priority, you have zero top priorities. So narrow in, focus on exactly what you're trying to accomplish and that's where you're gonna see success. This is also a great opportunity to do a SWOT analysis of your business. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identify what those are and find out if there's a way that this new marketing campaign can help you overcome those. Do you have a strength that you really wanna promote? Is there a weakness that you as a business can help to work past? Is there a threat to your business that you need to focus on and what opportunities do you have to generate some success? 

                      Step number two is to set your timeframe. There's nothing worse than sitting down and planning out what you want your marketing strategy to be and then never actually initializing or launching it. By setting a timeframe, a start date, a drop-dead date, you're able to hold yourself to that calendar. Now keep in mind, there is an opportunity for failure here. You never wanna rush yourself to the point of producing mediocre results, mediocre creativity, or rushing through the design and development of your website or ad copy. 

                      So keep in mind, you wanna have a little bit of wiggle room so that when you are developing this campaign, if you need to delay for whatever reason, you do have the opportunity to do so. Don't rush through this. By identifying when you want to launch, you hold yourself to that, but give yourself some wiggle room so that just in case things you don't have control over, you're still able to adapt to. By doing this you're able to ensure that you create a great campaign, you launch it when you need to, but you've also got a little bit of room just in case. 

                      Step number three is to identify your milestones. Running a marketing campaign is not easy so you wanna make sure that you've set these milestones and even micro milestones so that you can identify success as you achieve it. What kind of goals do you have? Can you set a milestone for making your first sale? You can set a milestone for the initial launch. You can set a milestone for the first time that the marketing campaign becomes profitable. 

                      Or another milestone could be the first time that the campaign pays for itself with money left over. These are all different ways to identify if you're on the right track. Just launching a marketing campaign in the very beginning does not equal immediate success so by setting these milestones you can help encourage yourself and encourage the people around you to see where your growth is coming from and focus on that. 

                      Step number four is to identify your budget. You always wanna make sure you're in control of your financials. So by identifying how much money you want to spend on individual campaigns or on the campaign as a whole, that allows you to focus your energies where they need to be. If your funds are earmarked for certain campaigns and you find that other campaigns are doing better, you can always readjust. But identifying the amount of money that you wanna spend, the amount of investment that you're placing in these marketing campaigns really will help you sleep better at night. You need to ensure that any money that you're spending is being spent wisely. 

                      Small business owners need to keep track of where their finances are going so it's not something that you can just put out there and waste and spend willy nilly. But identifying the amount that you wanna spend and how much that spending should result in a return on investment will help you understand where you're getting the best results and be able to focus that budget on what makes the most sense. 

                      Step number five is to choose your channels. You have to choose the channels that you're gonna run your marketing campaign on. And there are hundreds out there. So focus on what your actual goals are. Are you going to be selling products? Well, maybe you wanna be on Google Shopping. Or have a shopping feed connected with Facebook. Are you trying to generate more leads and you can focus on intent-based search or inbound search. Well in that case maybe you wanna have a campaign running on Google Adwords. Are you producing DIY information, do it yourself, or a lot of great content, copy, images? Well, Pinterest or Instagram may be a great opportunity for you. 

                      There's a lot of different ways that you can run a campaign so you have to identify the channels that your consumers are using. Even more so, identify where in the sales funnel they are when they're using those campaigns. Oftentimes you can use these different channels to identify the right kind of customer at the right kind of time. And because we've already decided what our budget is, you know where you can flex and where you can move funds to achieve the best result. By understanding where you want to go, you can create the path to get there. By focusing on the correct marketing channels, you're able to reduce any extraneous spending or superfluous spend that you want to avoid. So keep your budget in mind, choose your channels wisely and then optimize. 

                      Step number six is to launch. Now it's time to execute. You've already picked your milestones, you know where you're going, you've got your goal, you planned your budget, you chose your channels. Now it's time to turn it on. This can be the scariest part of launching a campaign. Up until this point everything has just been on paper. You've been deciding what to do and trying to understand where you want to go. 

                      Educating yourself on different strategies and different channels that you wanna focus on. Now it's time to turn everything on and see what happens. If you've done your job right and you've budgeted and executed effectively, you'll start to see the data coming in. You'll see clicks, conversions, interactions with your ads, shares, likes, comments, things like that. Take a look at all of these, follow up on them, engage with your content and utilize this to execute your marketing campaigns effectively. 

                      Step number seven is to optimize. All the data has come in. You've got all the clicks, the conversions, all the analytics you can want. So now is the time where you can start to go through and refine your campaign. You can refine the keywords you're focused on, refine your budget, refine the channels, change out ads, reduce or remove budget for certain campaigns and increase or move it over to other campaigns that are doing well. This is your opportunity. 

                      This is your time. Take everything that you've learned, everything that you're seeing, this real-world data, and apply it. Everything you've done on paper has led you up to this point. We've focused incredibly hard on ensuring that the campaign you built originally is as focused and as quality as it can be. But now is the time where you use the real information to optimize. Don't be afraid to pull down ads. Don't be afraid to create new ones or test new things. Don't be afraid to completely abandon channels that are not producing the results you want. 

                      Now is the time to make any changes that you want to and then continue making them as you move forward. Find out what works, focus on that, remove what doesn't, and have a fantastic marketing campaign. I wanna thank you guys for watching. Thank you so much for taking the time to view these article and I hope that you find that they're really valuable for you. If you like them, like, share and comment and let us know if there are any other article you'd like us to produce, any tips or strategies you'd like to hear. As always, thanks for watching and happy marketing.