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Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps!

Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps!

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    Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps! - Many companies are getting more and more attention to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. For this reason, many people are looking to start a career in SEO.

    Want to Start a Career in SEO
    Want to Start a Career in SEO

    Are you one of them? If so, Glints has a list of tips to help you out.

    By following these tricks, your dream career will certainly be easier to achieve. What are some of the tricks?

    Come on, see in full!

    Tips for starting a career in the SEO field

    1. Understand the basics first

    Actually, what is the main goal of SEO? What are some strategies that you can implement?

    Of course, you have to understand all of this first. After that, SEO practices can become smoother.

    Don't forget, also understand the various technical terms, such as:

    • keyword
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
    • and others

    2. Learn the tools

    Search Engine Journal said data is indispensable in the world of SEO. Approximately, where did the data come from? The tool is the answer.

    For this reason, tools are important. Those of you who want to start a career in SEO must master it.

    Some of the SEO software that is commonly used are:

    • Google Analytics
    • SEMrush
    • SEO PowerSuite
    • and others

    Not all of the above applications are free. Even so, you can still learn it through various tutorials scattered on the internet.

    3. Try the exercises

    When you want to start a career in the SEO field, of course, you must have a series of real works. For this reason, direct practice is obligatory.

    You can start with practice. Quoting Seer Interactive, just build your website first, then try to apply various strategies there.

    Don't forget, do various strategy evaluations, OK! You can use various tools that have been studied earlier.

    4. Continue to build a portfolio

    If you have practiced with strategy A, try using strategy B. If so, don't forget to try strategies C, D, and so on.

    Of the many practices, which one has the best results? So, later you can show off the work through your portfolio.

    This one document is important for starting a career in SEO, you know.

    By having a great portfolio, recruiters are certainly interested in you. A dream career becomes easier to achieve.

    5. Write a CV well

    Besides the portfolio, there is also a CV which is no less important. Here, you can write down the various skills and tools that you have mastered.

    You can also include other abilities such as coding, to mastery of the language, you know.

    As long as it's still relevant to search engine optimization, there's nothing wrong with it. Because, quoting Jellyfish, supporting skills can open your way into this industry.

    6. Apply for the job

    If you have mastered enough SEO material. You can try to start applying for jobs.

    In this day and age, jobs related to SEO are needed along with technological developments. You can become an SEO article writer, SEO analyst, SEO Specialist, etc.

    You can also become a digital marketer if you continue to learn and want to learn new skills about digital marketing.

    7. Job interview exercises

    Next, there is a job interview exercise. This is the final step when starting a career in SEO.

    Don't underestimate this stage, OK! Said The Balance Careers, you can get a lot of benefits from it, you know.

    Interview practice makes you more prepared. You will know, even memorized the answer to each recruiter's question.

    Later, this readiness can also suppress nervousness, you know.

    When nervousness is resolved, you can answer questions smoothly. No more broken or halting sentences.

    In the end, this can make the recruiter even more interested in you.

    Those are a series of tips for starting a career in the SEO field. Follow all of them so that your dream career gets closer, yes!

    Want to Start a Career in SEO? Follow These 7 Steps!
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