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How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners

How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners

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    How to Promote on Instagram
     How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners

    How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners - One of the social media that is currently being hit as a means of promotion is Instagram. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to promote on Instagram effectively.

    Lately, Instagram is indeed being loved by the community to build a business. This social media application is said to be quite effective in increasing one's attractiveness through the visual content features it presents.

    From the visual content, Instagram can compete with other social media engagements. In addition, Instagram also provides a caption writing feature that is up to 2200 words long.

    That way, your chances of getting even more subscribers from Instagram will be better, balanced with quality products, good service, and good copywriting and content writing skills.

    Promotional Prerequisites On Instagram

    Before we start discussing how to promote on Instagram, there are several prerequisites that you need to fulfill so that the promotions you do later can be effective in increasing sales via Instagram.

    The prerequisites include the following:

    1. Complete your Instagram profile

    To build consumer trust, you first have to build your Instagram profile to make it look attractive.

    You can use a username that is short but clear and easy for your customers to remember. Also use an attractive profile photo, for example, your company logo or SME business.

    2. First Complete Your Bio

    Your bio is your business branding identity. The characters that can be written in the bio are limited to only 150 characters, for that use the best possible space to write your business branding and build consumer trust.

    Also, include a link that leads to your website or your contacts so that it makes it easier for your customers to contact you or find out about you.

    3. Make your Instagram feed as neat as possible

    If you want to be able to use Instagram as an effective product or service marketing medium, the third prerequisite is that you have to think about what your Instagram feed will be like.

    Don't just upload it, when you look at it as a whole, it turns out that the concept of the photo design doesn't look good either. Do you know? Such a small thing can easily turn off the interest of our potential customers! For that, make your Instagram feed as neat as possible with a clear concept and theme.

    However, in the concept of choosing colors, in addition to making your Instagram look neat, the colors you choose must also have a philosophical meaning. Things like that, if you tell your followers, it will make it easier for your account to increase its engagement.

    Also, try to make feeds not using too many colors, this can make your feeds even less conceptual. Just use a maximum of 3 colors that symbolize your branding.

    Don't forget to also make interesting and informative captions, don't just write captions that tell you that you are selling something, also provide informative and educational writing so that your followers don't feel like you are being constantly sold.

    Promotion on Instagram - Easy, Cheap, Practical and Effective - Suitable for Beginners

    After you have fulfilled the 3 prerequisites above, now is the time for us to discuss how to promote on Instagram that is easy, cheap, practical, and also effective.

    Using hashtags

    Hashtags have a very important role, especially when it comes to marketing. The reason is, by using hashtags you can reach more people outside of your current followers. However, keep in mind, only use hashtags that are related to your content so that it is more effective in reaching your target market.

    Take advantage of Highlight InstaStory

    In the past, the Insta Story feature on Instagram could only last up to 24 hours and there was no highlight feature, but now Instagram has evolved by adding a highlight feature to its application. That way, you can maintain your Instastory from only 24 hours to unlimited.

    Highlight important things you've posted on Instagram and mix them with eye-catching designs.

    Some Insta Story information that deserves to be highlighted, among others, are your business introduction, QnA, testimonials, and so on, which can make your target market interested in visiting and lingering on your account page.

    Using Endorsement Services

    Endorsement of promotion by utilizing influencers who of course have more followers than us to promote the products or services we sell. In return, the influencer usually charges a rate per promotion that he does.

    However, some do not set tariffs, you only need to give your product to them for later review. You can also use promotions carried out by influencers as content to fill your Insta-story! ...

    Promote each other

    Simply put, the concept of a mutually promote strategy is that you promote other people's businesses in your account and you are also promoted in the account that you promoted earlier.

    Establish good communication between similar accounts that complement each other between your business and your partner's business. That way, the two of them can strengthen each other instead of dropping them.

    For example, you are a craftsman making a guitar, but you do not sell complementary guitar accessories such as guitar stands, guitar strings, guitar bags, and other equipment.

    Well, you can promote the guitar accessories seller account in your account, then the guitar accessories seller will also promote you as a guitar craftsman.

    Hold a Giveaway

    People tend to like gifts, let alone free. Give away is an effective way to promote your product or service. Besides that, you can also take advantage of the giveaway as a big promotional event for your business.

    For example, you hold a giveaway where the conditions require people to share your post again, it can be the most powerful weapon to make your product more recognized by many people.

    By holding a giveaway, your interaction with your followers can also be better. This can certainly be an added value for your business account.

    Using Instagram Ads

    Instagram Ads is a feature of Instagram which is intended for those of you who use Instagram as a means of doing business or business. This is a paid advertising feature from Instagram.


    To be able to do business successfully on Instagram, you are required to master the promotion methods of each of the points above. Hopefully, this article is helpful for loyal visitors to this blog who are currently looking for solutions for how to promote on Instagram effectively.

    How to Promote on Instagram with Ease, Suitable for Beginners
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