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Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business

Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business

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    Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business
     Get to know various kinds of promotional media for your business

    In this article, we will discuss what promotional media you can use to promote your business, brand, or product.

    This is important because by knowing what these media are, you can choose the right media for each promotion you run. If the media is right, then your promotional budget can be absorbed effectively and efficiently.

    What is Promotional Media?

    Promotion media is a medium that is used to support promotional activities in a business. Nowadays, it doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do promotion, because the media for promotion in the field are so very diverse. You just have to choose which media suits you the most.

    Purpose of Promoting

    Before promoting with available media, you must first know what your purpose is to promote. This makes your promotion more targeted and targeted. The objectives for promotion are as follows.

    • To introduce your product to potential customers
    • To get new customers who are loyal to the product or service you are selling.
    • To make the sales figures increase even more.
    • To promote products or services that are sold from competitors' products.
    • To influence consumer opinion on the products or services offered

    Kinds - Kinds of Promotional Media

    There are many kinds of promotional media that we can find in the field, including the following.

    1. Television

    Television is a promotional medium that can attract the most customers. In this day and age, almost every house must have a television, its point is to provide the most current information and entertainment. That means, by advertising on television, your product or service can be watched by many people. Until now, there are still many companies that use television to promote their products or services.

    The advantage of advertising on TV is that it allows you to reach all groups because the TV can cover all geographic areas. In addition, the products or services that you offer can be displayed at the same time from one station to another. In delivering the message, advertisements on TV can also be more flexible.

    However, to be able to advertise on television, you will need a lot of time and money, such as production costs and costs to pay for television stations that advertise your products. In addition, the duration offered by television to advertise its products is limited to only 1 minute.

    2. Radio

    Radio is also a promotional medium that is often used by many people. The resulting content is in the form of sound.

    The advantage of advertising on the radio is that it allows your ad to be heard anywhere. As we know, we often find radio sounds in places or public transportation such as stalls, buses, and so on. The cost of advertising on radio is also relatively cheaper when compared to advertising on television.

    However, if you choose to advertise on the radio, you must be smart to create advertising content with a clear and informative voice so that those who listen to your ad don't get the wrong idea. In addition, the public's attractiveness to the radio can be said to be quite low. This can cause listeners to overlook the message you've been conveying on the radio.

    3. Newspapers

    A newspaper is a medium for sharing news that has existed for decades. Apart from being used as a medium for exchanging information, newspapers are also used as a medium for promotion.

    The advantage that is offered by newspapers as a medium for promotion is the low price. Advertising using newspaper media can also make you reach a more specific target market, for example, if you have a business in Solo Raya, you can advertise your business in Solopos newspaper for people all over Solo Raya to read.

    The disadvantages of advertising promotion media are in the face of internet popularity. Currently, people's interest in reading newspapers has decreased. However, it also does not mean that you are in vain if the advertising in the newspaper.

    4. Instagram

    Instagram is a promotional medium that is currently being used intensively by many entrepreneurs.

    The advantages that you will get if you do promotions on Instagram are the easy way. Then, Instagram also has many active users, and there are many tools that you can use to find out the effectiveness of your ads, such as seeing the number of visitors, insights, and Instagram Ads.

    If you don't want to use Instagram Ads, because it's paid, you can also use the free version by promoting your products to your followers.

    However, promotion on Instagram must expose you to fairly tough competition. In addition, you must also be diligent in creating content.

    5. Facebook

    Facebook is also almost the same as Instagram. The advantage that Facebook offers is that it allows you to do promotions for free. However, Facebook also has promotional media in the form of Facebook Ads which allows you to do paid advertising.

    However, the drawback if you promote on Facebook may be that there are fewer people who see your promotion because now, Facebook is a medium that is rarely used by the public, unlike Instagram.

    6. Banner

    Banners are online promotional media that are displayed in the form of unique graphic ads and can be run using pay-per-impressions, pay-per-click, or pay-per-actions.

    The advantage that this ad offers is that it is easy to bring traffic because banner ads allow visitors to click on it after which the visitor will enter your website. In addition, you can track the number of ad views more easily, because the IG banner ad has its tracking tolls.

    The drawback is that these ads often look annoying and very annoying to visitors, so many internet users also use Adblock, this slows down the growth of your ad.

    7. Flyer

    The flyer is a media for print-based promotion. Usually, printed on HVS-shaped paper and A4 size. However, there are 3 kinds of flyer sizes, namely A4, A5, and A6.

    The advantages of advertising using a flyer are that it is relatively cheaper, allows more comprehensive information absorption, and can be reviewed when the reader does not understand the contents of the flyer at one time.

    However, advertising using a flyer also has a drawback, namely that it requires a high level of attention because flyers are not audio or visual. In addition, the paper is also prone to tears and readers will find it easier to ignore information if the flyer design is not attractive.

    8. Billboards

    Billboards are large-sized advertising media located on the side of the road. The advantages of advertising using billboards like this include that your ad is more easily recognized and can build brand awareness.

    However, there are also drawbacks if you use billboards as an advertising medium, including the ineffective target market, the information contained in billboards tends to be overlooked by readers, and is easily forgotten.

    Those are some kinds of promotional media that we can inform you about. Hopefully, this article helps you determine which promotional media is right for use in your business.

    Get to Know Various Kinds of Promotional Media for Your Business
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