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How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs

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    How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs - What are the roles of social media marketing for SMEs? The first thing you have to underline is marketing for SMEs or small businesses, meaning that it is the work that you have to do for the business to grow. Here, you need to work hard to attract the attention of social media users to promote your product or business, within a limited budget, but still have to be efficient.

    How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs
    How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs

    Of course, the skills in choosing channels and marketing tools that work the way you want, are very important. Then, when you talk about social media marketing for SMEs that you run, you need careful planning, so you don't have to spend time on the wrong social media platforms.

    Social Media Marketing Guide for SMEs

    In this article, we will share a social media marketing guide for SMEs, which can help you explain the purpose of using social media as a medium for online promotion. In addition, you can also find out the most appropriate way to do a practical marketing plan. 

    Not only driving traffic or bringing in audiences but also increasing your business conversions. Here are some strategies you can take to get started with social media marketing:

    Business Goals Must Be Clear

    This is the first important thing you should do. When you already have a good idea about where the goals of the SME business you are running are, try to be more detailed about these goals, and how these goals can be achieved by using promotions on social media. Some notes that you need to pay attention to include:


    Consider the best way to organize targeted social media campaigns, so that people are aware of your brand or UKM. Why do they want to buy the product you offer? What makes you different from the competition? This is one way to find out how strong the brand awareness and brand of the voice of your business are in the community.


    Try to think back as best you can. Who will buy and use the products or services that your SMEs offer? Can you create a buyer persona in this regard? Approximately, how big is your potential market? Is this market share locally or globally?

    It should be noted, the clear business objectives of SMEs will encourage operations to run well. After the goals are set, only then do you start implementing a social media campaign strategy, either by advertising, working with Indonesian digital marketing agencies, using influencer services or KOL management to increase engagement on social media, and so on.

    Understand Who Your Audience Is

    Not only do you know the market, but you as an SME businessman must also understand who your audience is and what they want to be treated. Here, you must carefully study the customer journey, their shopping behavior, and how they interact with your brand.

    Next, find out also the best way to encourage the audience that you already have to convert so that sales increase. In this case, there are several important things you need to pay attention to, such as:


    This data shows different groups of people who use social media in different ways. One of the most important factors in finding out a particular social media platform user group is age. By knowing his age, you will have a good step in implementing a social media marketing strategy for SMEs.


    Here, you must find out, how the audience engages with your brand. Do they also interact by leaving comments on the content on your social media? Did they share the post? Are they also shopping for your product?

    When you can understand the behavior and habits of the audience that you already have, then it is a great power to make the target of a more targeted social media marketing campaign.

    Collect All Social Media Tools

    How to start other social media marketing, you need to collect some tools or tools, which will be used to manage the social media campaigns that you are running. Pay attention to this:

    • To design the content that you will upload, use a special application to design the content to be more attractive. There are many free applications or design tools for creating social media content that you can try, for example, Canva, Piktochart, Venngage, and many others.
    • To manage your social media, you can use tools, such as CoSchedule's Social Organizer. By utilizing these mandatory tools to maximize social media campaigns, you can save time managing all the social media platforms that you use as promotional media, scheduling content posts, and even analyzing the social media insights you can get.

    Selecting a Channel

    The purpose of social media marketing for SMEs must be understood to know exactly what social media channels are most appropriate for your business, so they can give you the best results. Some important things that need attention:

    B2B follower. If your SME business is engaged in other business services, then use promotion methods on LinkedIn or Facebook. These two channels are a gathering place for various types of businesses.

    B2C Followers. When your SME business directly serves consumers, use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. To determine which channel is right for your business, you can also first discuss with the creative agency or our team.

    Create Conversions

    Try to be more focused on setting the objectives of organizing campaigns on social media. This will help you formulate the most efficient content strategy.

    Brand Awareness. Lots of small businesses use social media to build brand awareness, as well as to get more followers. At the same time, you can simultaneously expand your market reach and add to your email list or customer database for further use in your email marketing strategy.

    Conversion. Others use social media to increase and create conversions. In this case, of course, the hope is that there will be an increase in sales of business products and services. So, each post is designed in such a way as to make it immediately attractive to click and convert.

    How to get started on the next social media marketing by determining the color nuances and type of content to use. You have to be consistent in doing it. If necessary, create a content calendar so you can publish content on a more scheduled basis. Good luck. May be useful.

    How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for SMEs
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