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Instagram Content Marketing, Not Just Content!

Instagram Content Marketing, Not Just Content!

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    Instagram Content Marketing, Not Just Content!
    Instagram Content Marketing, Not Just Content!

    Instagram Content Marketing, Not Just Content! - Lately, businesses and even individual Instagram users create content like blogs. The content also varies according to the area of ​​expertise or business of the Instagram user; starting from tips, general science, or even just a product review. The journal itself calls this phenomenon Instagram content marketing.

    Not much different actually from making content marketing through blogs or other media. It's just that the uniqueness of the Instagram algorithm itself makes content marketing on social media under Facebook a little different.

    Reporting from Later, the Instagram algorithm is not much different from Google's algorithm: you've got what you searched for most. Both of them adopt personalized algorithm. More clearly, Jurnal by Mekari will explain how to make good Instagram content and get more engagement than you expect!

    Post time!

    Yes, this first condition you may have often read in any article. Posting time has become the main requirement even no longer just a myth for how you get more engagement from Instagram users. This refers to the Instagram algorithm itself.

    The reason is of course Instagram will show more posts that get engagement faster and more in the explore column. Posts that have more likes, comments, shares in the fastest period will get more frequent views than those with minimal engagement. Therefore you need to pay attention when your post is uploaded. Look for times when Instagram users are actively surfing. source:

    It's not just visual, Instagram is about words and timing!

    Create Audience for Long in Your Posts!

    Have you ever seen in one post there are many slides? Yes, nothing else but this aims to make the audience linger in your post. This term is also called the Carousel post. Where in one post there are many pictures.

    This is also the reason why today many business people on Instagram rely on Instagram Content Marketing like blogs. Yes, the goal is that you can linger in the post.

    Besides, you can also work around this by making long-duration videos with IGTV or videos that are cut and divided into several slides. Video content can vary from tutorials, sketches, and that certainly can lead the audience to engage with your posts.

    Why do you have to make the audience linger on your Instagram posts? Once again, this is to influence your posts to get better coverage based on the Instagram algorithm.

    Make Your Posts Viral!

    Viral whether or not a post is influenced by the engagement rate. Start how many like your post, how many people visit your feed, and other factors.

    Being viral does not mean to cause controversy. This is precisely the thing that needs to be avoided in creating Instagram content. It could even destroy your business reputation. Remember, viral is allowed, the drama doesn't!

    Instagram content must be able to provide answers and emotions to the audience

    A post that is viral or shareable content that should be able to answer the curiosity of the audience, touching emotions, and also provide answers to the questions the audience. That's why now many posts such as tips, tricks, science, or even that can provoke the audience's emotions, "this article is me !".

    There are two methods to get your Instagram post-viral; hard and soft method. This hard method is usually like a giveaway, where usually the giveaway giver gives certain conditions relating to the engagement of the post.

    Both soft methods. Usually, this is in the form of articles or account owners building a story or experience that I post in one post. For example, by creating content, "5 types of friends who are annoying" by itself, the audience will mention their friend's account in the comments column which will certainly invite many leads.

    You can also make certain gimmicks such as sharing voucher codes with copywriting that can make people interested in writing comments and tagging their friends to join in getting the code.

    Also, you can tell stories in your post that end with a CTA sentence or call to action. For example, you sell sneakers and create content, "5 sneakers that are suitable for use during valentine" in the last caption or slide section, you can insert one CTA sentence to attract the audience.


    Consistent in the sense; mentally consistent and also technically consistent. First, technically consistent the intention is to build your Instagram brand profile. For example, color consistency, time upload consistency, and also feeds pattern consistency.

    Building consistency and brand on your Instagram profile is important so that your business is better known to the audience. Just by looking at a certain color or model of a particular feed, people already recognize if the feed is coming from your Instagram profile.

    Second, be consistent for uploads. Avoid spending just one day uploading Instagram posts. Because the Instagram algorithm also reads how often your Instagram content is uploaded.

    So basically, Instagram content marketing is not just making content. But further than that, you have to pay attention to Instagram's brand profile, when to upload, and the most important is the use of appropriate hashtags and has a lot of volumes. So, ready to succeed through Instagram content marketing?
    Instagram Content Marketing, Not Just Content!
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