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Building Brand Credibility on Social Media

Building Brand Credibility on Social Media

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    Building Brand Credibility on Social Media
    Building Brand Credibility on Social Media

    Brands certainly need to build their credibility, so that the public can be trusted and will help the development of the brand going forward. And one way to build credibility is to utilize social media platforms.

    There are two main keys that brands can do to increase credibility, namely by presenting quality and authentic content. And the second is to build good organic relationships with customers.
    Then, what does a brand need to do in building such content and relationships so that it can bring public trust? Check out the following tips!

    Establish strong customer service

    Why social media can be so popular and become the needs of the community? The reason is that these platforms can connect between one person and another, including between customers and brands.
    One effective way for brands to reach customers is to establish customer service on social media that is helpful in the eyes of customers. Brands can inform customers that they will always be present to answer their questions directly through the social media platform.

    If there are complaints or questions from customers in any social media channel, we need to answer them so they feel that the brand cares about the obstacles they face. From there, the community's trust in the brand will be formed, and they believe that related brands can help solve the problems they face.

    Fostering relationships

    Based on the 2018 Edelman Trust barometer Report, this study with more than 3,000 respondents stated that 39% of respondents said that they did not feel an emotional attachment to a brand until the brand interacted and communicated with them through social media.

    In addition to forming strong customer service on social media, another way to enhance good relations between brands and audiences is to create shared content. For example, we can invite to create user-generated content, and display customer-generated content on social media channels that we have. Or we can also repost testimonials or reviews from customers.

    Instead, we need to make the audience feel they are more than just customers. We need to make them know that we think of them as partners.
    Another thing that can form a good relationship between a brand and its audience is by presenting relevant content, often discussed by the target audience, and according to their needs.

    The importance of quality content and transparency

    Quality content is content that can be trusted and proven. To strengthen the content that we create, we can show sources that support the information that we convey. A trusted source will increase the credibility of the content and also the public's trust in what we deliver.

    Another way to establish brand credibility is to conduct interviews with trusted experts who are engaged in the industry that we are in.

    Also, if we want to make paid content or sponsored content, make sure the audience knows it because the public at this time tends to avoid the hard sell. Data from Digital Marketing Magazine also reveals that 3 out of 10 readers will feel less trust when the content mentions a product or service in it.

    Continue to experiment

    We certainly realize that trends in social media are dynamic and rapidly changing. So, we need to follow the latest types of content so that it can still attract the attention of the public.
    Don't be afraid to experiment and try out the various features offered by social media platforms. That way, in the process we will find the best and effective ways to convey messages and be liked by the public.

    For example, on the Instagram platform, try experimenting with creating content in the form of polling, boomerang, or short videos that are broadcast via Instagram Story or IGTV. That way, our brand looks versatile, especially in presenting interesting content.

    Conducting this experiment also allows us to find metrics that show what kind of content works well and is worth defending. From these metrics, we can also have insights that will be useful for future content marketing strategies.

    When a brand can display a variety of content, but still interesting, it will help the brand to be more liked by the public and encourage public trust in the related brand.


    Finally, the importance of consistency. Search Engine Journal states that 51% of social media users will unfollow brand accounts that rarely post content or often present disturbing promotional content. Therefore, to be trusted by the public, we need to continue to create and display interesting, insightful, and inspirational content.

    Building brand credibility certainly cannot be done quickly. But with consistency, quality content, and fostering good relationships with customers through social media will certainly help the brand to continue to gain trust and will drive the development of the brand going forward.
    Building Brand Credibility on Social Media
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