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How To Advertise On Instagram Ads, It's Easy, Guaranteed To Work Right Away

How To Advertise On Instagram Ads, It's Easy, Guaranteed To Work Right Away

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    How to Advertise on Instagram Ads - You may be familiar with the name Instagram. You may also have an Instagram account.

    How To Advertise On Instagram Ads
     How To Advertise On Instagram Ads

    From time to time, the digital world is always experiencing developments, including Instagram. In the past, after its initial appearance, Instagram was only used to exist. However, along with the development of technology, Instagram is also used as a means of doing business.

    Instagram also brings up many features in its application to support business activities. One of them is Instagram Ads.

    Simply put, you can interpret Instagram Ads as one of Instagram's excellent features that are useful for advertising a product. For more details, just see the next article below.

    What Are Instagram Ads?

    Instagram Ads is an advertising feature provided by Instagram. By using Instagram Ads, you can reach a wider market. You can take advantage of the story and feeds features to then upload them into Instagram Ads ads.

    How to advertise through Instagram Ads is almost the same as advertising through Facebook Ads. Instagram has joined Facebook since 2012. So, if you are familiar with Facebook Ads, you will no longer have trouble using Instagram Ads.

    Why Should We Use Instagram Ads?

    It has been explained previously that by using Instagram Ads, you can reach a wider market.

    Based on data obtained from NapoleonCat, the number of active Instagram users reached 62,230,000, 51% of whom are women, while the remaining 49% are men

    The highest level of Instagram users is in the age range of 18 years to 24 years with a total of 23 million people. With details of 12 million men and 11 million women. The following is a picture.

    Seeing a large number of Instagram users, of course, Instagram can be an opportunity for you to do business, especially as a promotional medium. If you know how to use Instagram Ads and can use them properly, then it is very possible to become a millionaire soon.

    Then, how do you use Instagram Ads? The following is the discussion.

    How To Use Instagram Ads

    How to advertise on Instagram Ads is very easy. However, before you apply the methods that the author will convey, make sure you have changed your Instagram account to a business account.

    Apart from that, you also need a Facebook account, because, between Instagram and Facebook, they are both connected.

    When finished, apply the following methods.

    Log in to your Instagram Business Account

    The way to enter a business Instagram account and regular Instagram is the same. It's just that, if you still use the usual Instagram, you must first switch to a business Instagram account, because if you don't switch to a business Instagram account, you won't be able to use this one feature. Here is how.

    • Log in to your Instagram Business Account

    First of all, you just have to log in as usual. Make sure your Instagram has switched to a business account, if not, you can set it up as follows.

    Select the Settings menu - > Account -> Switch Account Type -> Switch to Professional Account then just click Continue until you get to your choice of profession or business category. Just choose the appropriate one. Later you will be asked whether you are a creator or a businessman. Here is a step by step image

    • Connect to Facebook Page then select the appropriate category.
    • Complete the information provided.

    Select Content

    Choose one of the contents that you have created then click " promote". You are free to choose between using content in the form of feeds and stories. Don't forget to pay attention to the copywriting and design of your photos, because this is the main weapon for advertising on Instagram Ads. If you don't have content, then you can create it first.

    If you choose content in the feeds, find this article at the bottom right of your post, then click promote

    If you choose content in Story, find this menu in the bottom right of your Insta Story, then click promote.

    Select an Ad Destination

    Choosing an advertising destination is determining where your audience will lead you. There are three options displayed, namely " your profile", "your website", and " direct message".

    Determine the Target Audience

    There are two choices in determining the target audience, namely automatic and make your own. Automatically means that Instagram will direct your ad to people who match or are similar to your followers.

    If you choose to make your own, then you will be given access to manage your target audience. The things that you can adjust are related to age, location, interests, and gender. Don't forget to provide a name for your target audience.

    Determine the Budget

    It's good to advertise on Instagram Ads, they can adjust the budget you have. You can start advertising on Instagram Ads with only 10 thousand per day.

    In addition, you can also determine for yourself how long you want to advertise on Instagram Ads.

    Review Ads and Make Payments

    In this section, you will be shown all the settings that you did before. If you are sure, then the next step is to make a payment.

    There are two payment methods in Instagram Ads, namely using a credit or debit card. Click create promotion and make payment. Wait for Instagram to review your ad. Soon, surely your ad will run.

    That's how to advertise on Instagram Ads. Easy right? Good luck!

    How To Advertise On Instagram Ads, It's Easy, Guaranteed To Work Right Away
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